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Common Self Storage Myths

Self storage units are gaining in popularity every day. However, there are still some myths associated with self storage units that make people think twice before storing their belongings in a self storage facility. Here are some of the myths associated with self storage units –

Size – Most people are under the impression that storage units are only large rooms and they are only economical for large business houses. However, you can store any sized belongings at a storage space, depending upon your requirement.

Security – People are worried about the security of their belongings at a storage unit as they believe that these are constantly under threat from burglars and robbers. However, a good Bronx storage facility is 24 hours under surveillance and protected by security guards, making it impossible for anyone to break-in before getting noticed.

Access – As per the common myth, a storage facility is closed after dark and you can not access it on holidays and weekends. However, storage facilities can be accessed 24 hours, making it convenient for you to get your belongings.

Keep these myths in mind and do not let these deter you in storing the belongings at a storage facility.

Self Storage Blunders People Commit

Many people think that self storage units can themselves take care of their belongings and dump there stuff in the nearest storage facility that they find. However, this does more damage to the belongings than good. Here are some blunders that people commit when storing there belongings at a self storage facility –

Thinking irrationally – Although it may sound tempting, but keeping more belongings will make you pay more. Before committing yourself to a storage facility, get rid of all those belongings that you do not require at all. Keeping such belongings in a storage unit will only burden your pocket.

Not numbering and labeling the boxes – Labeling helps you in storing your belongings more effectively and cautiously. This will help in avoiding unwanted accidents and losses. In addition, proper labeling will allow you to easily navigate through the storage space when you require something out from the belongings.

Not buying insurance for the belongings – Although Bronx car storage self storage places are safe and secure as they are 24x7 under surveillance, it does not hurt to buy additional insurance to keep your belongings safe in case something happens.

Keep these blunders in mind before storing your belongings at a storage facility.

How Self Storage can Help Students?

As a student you may have accumulated hundreds of things, which you can neither throw away nor keep with you all the time. There are things that you may require from time to time but it is not feasible to carry them all the time from your dormitory or room to your parents’ house. So what should a student do in such a case? Self storage and car storage facilities are the solution for this concern.

Self storage units allow you to keep your belongings safe until the time you need them again. Leaving your belongings at the dorm during the summers does not guarantee their safety and security. Books, notes, important data should be kept in such a place where they are not damaged, stolen or get lost. Carrying such important belongings only add to the luggage when you do not have to use them during the vacations. Keeping them at a Bronx mini storage will ensure the safety of your belongings.

The best part about storing your car at a NY car storage facility is that you can access them at any time you like. Even when you have moved back to your dormitory, you can keep the belongings at the storage facility to make your dorm more spacious. So, keep your belongings at a storage facility and have a happy vacation.

Easy Tips for De Cluttering Your House

Annual renovation is just around the corner and you are wondering where to keep your belongings. This is one of the biggest dilemmas that every household faces. Here are some easy tips for de cluttering your house and preparing it for renovation –

Garage Sale – Garage sale is a good option when you want to de clutter your home as it not only helps you get the unwanted belongings out of your house, but it also helps you in getting quick bucks as well.

Charity – When you are unsure of what to do with your belongings, you can give them as charity as well. There are several belongings that you may have not used for years and are of no real value to you, but such belongings can help a needy.

Self Storage – When you do not have time and you are not sure of what to do with the belongings, the best option is to store them at a Bronx storage unit. Storing your belongings will help you focus on the renovation and not on the access furniture.

Keep these ideas in mind and make your home renovation a success.