Thursday, 27 March 2014

How Storage Space can Help You with Moving?

Not everyone loves to move. However, in our life, we come across numerous instances where we have to move to a new location. The big question that arises when you are relocating to a new destination is what to do with your additional belongings. Every homeowner faces the dilemma of what to move and what to leave behind. Here comes the importance of storage facilities in our life.

During all these years, we assimilate stuff to make our homes more functional, luxurious and stylish. Every year we spend numerous dollars on appliances, furniture and other home improvement equipment. With the improvement in technology and fashion, the belongings, which we procured, become obsolete. As humans, we have a tendency to fall in love with materialistic things and this leads to creation of a clutter in our homes. By storing your belongings in a Bronx storage place, you can clearly focus on what exactly should be moved to your new home.

Storage units have materialized as a boon for people relocating to a different location. Since moving costs are directly proportional to what you move, by storing your belongings in a good storage place can save a lot of your money. This also helps you in better organizing your new home. The best part about storage units is that you can get anything you want at anytime. So if you feel that you require something for your new house, you can take it back to your home. Choose a storage facility and make your relocation smooth.

Storage Facilities – Making Life Easier

Storage space has become a full industry in almost all the parts of the United States. Many people find it easier to store items that they are not currently using but going to use after a while, in a storage unit than in their garage. Self storage in Bronx offers a safe, secure and clean atmosphere for your belongings, where you can keep them for any long that you like.

Storage spaces prove to be a far cheaper option than renting a room to keep your belongings. There are both indoor and outdoor storage spaces for all sizes and for all price range. Most of the storage facilities also have climate controlled special rooms for items that run a risk of damage at room temperature. These climate controlled storage spaces can be used to store your electronic equipment, wine and other belongings that can get damaged if stored in adverse climatic conditions.

Keeping your home stuff that you don’t need for sometime at a storage facility can have many benefits. Firstly, it will help you de-clutter the house making more space for important items. Secondly, they are a lot safer than renting out private rooms as you will have to maintain it yourself. Storage rooms provide you walk-in spaces where you can just put your stuff and relax. They also provide you with packing material with pick-up and drop service from your doorstep.

If you are planning to hire a space at a storage facility, make sure that it is not very far from your residence. This will give you the benefit of storing items which you require on a fairly regular basis. Your storage facility should be guarded twenty-four hours and seven days a week by a CCTV camera.

Hiring a storage space near to your house also gives you the advantage of using the storage unit whenever you require. Be it catching a plane next morning or welcoming new guests, you can provide your belongings a safe place where they would remain unscathed. At times it happens that we do not have time for preparations to welcome guests in our homes. By storing your belongings in a storage space near you, you not only create additional space in your home, but also bring joy in your life.

So the next time you feel annoyed looking at the dust-covered piano or the huge dysfunctional wooden chest, keep them in a storage unit, unless you are ready to use them again.

Think Twice before Storing these in a Storage Unit

Whether it is your home or office, nobody wants to stay in cramped spaces. From overflowing closets to kitchen cabinets full of stuff that we never use, our belongings take most of our living space, making our lives miserable. However, if you are considering a storage room in Bronx as the solution to all our problems, below are some things that you should never store in a storage unit –

Explosives and firearms – Although it is a no-brainer, you should never store firearms or explosives in a storage unit for obvious reasons.

Flammable and hazardous items – Items such as gasoline, radioactive waste, corrosives, and adhesives, and anything that could pose a threat to you, as well as, your belongings should never be stored in a storage unit.

Perishable items – Perishable items can never be stored in a storage unit as they can easily get decayed in room temperature. This could lead to the unnecessary growth of microorganisms.

The basic purpose of storage units is to provide a safe place for your belongings. Do not threaten the safety of your belongings by storing the above mentioned belongings in your storage space.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

4S of Self Storage – What to Look in a Storage Unit

Changing lifestyles and improvements in home décor have resulted in the requirement for additional space for nearly all of us. Whether you are a homemaker or the owner of a commercial establishment, there has been a constant requirement for additional space to accommodate our additional belongings. To accommodate this demand, we constantly see storage units coming up every now and then. So if you too are finding it difficult to store your belongings with you and considering a Bronx self storage facility, here are the 4S or a few important things that you should look in a storage space before making a commitment –

Security – Your belongings do not come cheap. In addition, they have some utility and value. This is the reason why you are planning to store them instead of chucking them. Therefore, when it comes to storing your belongings, you must never compromise their security. Look into everything that might jeopardize the security of your belongings. Check alarms and surveillance cameras, as well as, other security arrangements such as night patrols, guarded entrance and a well maintained visitor book to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Safety – Once you have got the green nod in terms of security, it is critical that you must ensure the safety of your belongings. Ask the storage services providers about the various steps taken for pest and insect control. In addition, look for signs that suggest that the storage unit could be infested. Whenever possible, opt for a climate controlled unit and check if it is actually climate controlled.

Service – Always look out for various other special services or additional benefits provided by the storage units. For instance, if the storage unit allows a 24-hour access or allows someone on your behalf to have access to your unit could be an added benefit. Keep a track of the additional services provided by the storage provider as they make your storage experience smooth.

Size – Size of the storage space is another important consideration and you need to ensure that you pay only as per your requirements. A lot of storage service providers would try to sell more space to you but who will have to ensure that you get a storage space as per your requirements.

Self storage has become a need of the hour for all of us. Invest good time in research and find the best storage unit for your belongings.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Infographic: Storage Tetris

Storage Tetris Infographic

This infographic outlines a handful of interesting facts and figures about storage units such as how much a storage unit might cost you depending on where you live in the country, the sizes typically offered by most facilities, and how much money the self-storage industry made in 2012. It also offers a number of creative space saving tips and strategies that you can use to get the most out of your next self-storage unit.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Infographic: So Much Stuff

Americans have a lot of stuff. In fact, the average American home size has increased 60% and the rate of self-storage rentals is way up. Check out the infographic for more...

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Infographic: New York City's Five Boroughs

The five New York City Boroughs are full of dramatic history, fantastic sights, famous eats, storage units, and attractions galore. There’s something for everyone in New York, just find out more in the infographic.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Tips for Effectively Utilizing Your Storage Space

Renting a storage unit is a big decision. Choosing the right self storage in Bronx is half the battle won. Apart from this, one has to ensure that the belongings are packed in such a manner that ensures they are not damaged while in transit, as well as, when they are being kept in the storage unit. Here are 4 important tips that will help you effectively utilize your storage space –

  • Packing properly can save you a lot of trouble. Pack the boxes tightly as it will ensure that the contents do not move. To do this, it is advisable to use bubble wrap or soft clothes.
  • Always ensure that the packed boxes are taped properly so that they do not give way owing to the weight.
  • To ensure double safety of your belongings, it is extremely important to secure the belongings, especially the fragile items with extra cushioning. For this, you may use foam or old clothes to fill in the gaps.
  • Water and dampness can damage your belongings beyond repair. In order to ensure that water does not damage the boxes or your belongings, it is advisable not to keep them directly on the floor. Keep them on pallets in order to prevent them from getting in direct contact with moisture.
  • Although most of the self storage facilities offer complete security, it is advisable to buy additional insurance for your belongings. Insurance will protect you from any financial strain in case there is any natural disaster or thefts.
  • When choosing a storage facility, it is important to always consider a climate controlled storage unit in Bronx. There are various items such as antiques, wine and liquor, books, art pieces, or musical instruments that can be damaged beyond repair if not stored in favorable temperatures.
Self storage has become the need of the hour. With our increasing disposable incomes and advancements in home décor and technology, it has allowed us to procure more and more belongings. However, with limited space, it has become mandatory for homeowners and commercial houses to keep their additional, yet important belongings in a safe storage place where they can access them anytime they like. Keep these tips in mind and select the best NY storage unit to keep your belongings safe and secure.

How to Create Additional Living Space at Home

Throughout the course of our lives, we keep on procuring things and we get so attached to these things that they become an inseparable part of our life. With the changing trends in fashion, the belongings which were once precious to us are replaced by the current in-style furniture and accessories. However, owing to our attachment to our once favorite belongings, we still do not get the courage to part with them. This is the reason why our living spaces become cluttered and here comes the importance of storage facilities in our lives.

By keeping our furniture and belongings that are not used frequently, we can create additional space in your homes. Apart from providing a safe haven for your belongings, storage units also offer convenience to you as you can access your belongings anytime you want to. Most of the Bronx storage places are also climate controlled, ensuring that your belongings do not get spoilt by excess moisture, heat or humidity.

Storage facilities have revolutionized our lives by providing an alternative for your precious belongings. Find a reputable storage facility for your belongings and keep our belongings remain safe and secure at a home, away from home.