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Choosing The Right Mini Storage Unit [Infographic]

This infographic titled ’Choosing The Right Mini Storage Unit’ has been created with the idea of showing the 7 steps to choose the mini storage unit which is most suitable to the hirer’s needs.

The infographic adumbrates:
  • Identifying storage need and storage size needed
  • Choosing a convenient location
  • What to check when visiting the facility and talking to the manager and staff
  • Finalizing the storage unit 

Friday, 27 December 2013

5 Important Decisions to Make when Renting Storage Space

Whether it is home, office or any other commercial setup, everywhere there is a need for additional space. Storing your belongings in a storage unit is one of the best options when you are planning to organize your limited space.

However, before committing your belongings to a Bronx mini storage unit, here are some important decisions that you need to make –
  • Prepare a list of the belongings that you need to store in a storage facility.
  • Make sure that the belongings you are storing are packed properly and are labeled to avoid any discomfort or unwanted accidents.
  • Once you have decided what to store in the storage facility, decide upon the size of the unit you want to rent.
  • Make sure that you do your research and choose a storage facility that has the best user reviews.
  • Choose a storage facility by closely examining it, as well the area around it. Check for surveillance cameras, intercom facilities, alarm systems, fencing and availability of armed guards before making the decision.
Keep these pointers in mind and ensure that your belongings remain safe always.

Self Storage Units to Ease Your Home Renovation

First of all, congratulations to you for finally saying yes to home renovation that was getting postponed owing to one reason or the other lately. When it comes to home renovation, most homeowners shy off since they do not know what they will do with their furniture. Whether it is kitchen remodeling or getting your living room or bedrooms done again, having furniture obstructs your remodeling process and you can not focus on the various aspects associated with it.

When your home is getting renovated, you must ensure that your belongings are kept safely in a place where they are not damaged or get stolen. In such a situation, Bronx self storage units could be your best alternative.

Self storage units are not only under complete surveillance, but they also provide safety to your belongings from adverse weather conditions or pest infestation. The best part about storing your belongings in a self storage unit is that you can dispose off those items that you feel are not suitable for your home after the renovation. Make your renovation a success by successfully storing your belongings in a self storage space near you.

Self Storage Units to De-clutter Your Home

Last Christmas, we decided to throw a small party for the closest friends and a few family members. It was kind of reunion as most of us have not met in years. We were pretty excited and were looking forward to the party. Our house is pretty big, approximately 3000 square feet, and we planned the party with all the enthusiasm. However, it turned out to be a nightmare.

My guests, which were 25 in number, apart from me, my husband and my daughter, made my house look small, very small. My house was so cramped that I had to use my bedrooms upstairs for the guests to accommodate all of them.

It was not that my house was small, but it was the furniture that had resulted in the space crunch. Although we did our best to create space for everyone, but there were stuff like my mom’s piano, a huge chest, drawers and more than required drapery that took most of the space.

It is not just about me or you. Every homeowner faces the issue of lack of living space in his/her house. The best solution for this is self storage. Self storage units allow you to store those belongings that you do not immediately require or not plan to completely part with them. From furniture, memoirs, toys to seasonal clothing, you can store anything securely in a Bronx self storage facility. The self storage facilities are under surveillance 24x7 and the presence of armed guards deter any miscreants from entering them. Apart from this, your storage unit, depending upon the facility that you choose, will be connected with alarm system that will go off in case of an unauthorized entry.

The best part about using storage facilities is that you can access them at any time of the day. Most of the storage places in the Bronx allow their occupants to access them at their preferable time. This is an amazing feature as you do not have to wait for an off day to get something out of the storage unit. In addition, climate control facility also ensures that your belongings do not get damaged owing to heat and humid climate.

Self storage offers you innumerable benefits at a small rental cost. Keep your belongings in a storage unit today and get benefited.

Mistakes People Make while Storing their Car

We invest a lot of money in buying a vehicle and take good care of it with regular servicing. However, it might sound strange, but when it comes to storing our vehicle, we take it for granted. Since car is also machinery, it can get easily damaged if not stored properly.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that people make when storing their car –
  1. Storing the Car without cleaning it properly – Regular washing and cleaning can take care of your car. When you are storing your car, it is important that you clean it thoroughly, not only the outer metallic surface, but also the inside, tires and hood as well.
  1. Leaving the fuel tank empty – Most people think that leaving gas in the gas tank solves no purpose and the gas would deteriorate with time. However, it is highly recommended that you fill the gas tank to the full as it will nullify any chances of rusting of the gas tank.
  1. Letting the clutch unlocked – Storing your car for a longer period of time can result in the sticking of the clutch plate to the inner surface of the car. Keep the clutch locked and place a protective layer, preferably a wooden plank, between the pedal and the car’s surface to avoid sticking.
  1. Leaving important documents in the car – Leaving important documents such as the registration papers or license increases your chances of losing them. It is therefore important to take these out and securing them before leaving your car at a storage unit.
  1. Do not locking the doors or windows – Never leave the doors or windows unlocked in order to avoid anything unwanted.
If you are planning to go on a holiday or any other reason when you would not be using your car, storing your car in a good car storage in New York is the best that you can do for your vehicle. Storage facilities are especially meant to store belongings and vehicles and there you can ensure the complete safety of your car. Apart from providing a safe haven for your vehicle, storage units also protect your car from any pest infestation and save it from the dirt and dust accumulation. Find the best car storage in NY and ensure that your car remains in perfect condition and gives you the same performance for years to come.

Make Your Home Ready for Your Old Age

A lot of things in life are inevitable and old age is one of those things. The home where you have spent so many years of your life might not be suitable for you once you grow old. If you have a medical condition that makes you walk with the help of a wheelchair or makes it difficult for you to get up from bed, it is the time that you must consider making your house ready for old age.

A whopping majority of people want to grow old in their own home where they have seen their hay days. First thing you have to decide is whether you need help for your daily chores? If so, then what type or help you need? Do you need a full time attendant, maid or nurse? These are some of the important questions that should be answered in order to work accordingly.

It is recommended to have a clear space in your home as the more furniture you will have, the more you will be obliged to look after it. Therefore, it is advisable to store additional belongings in a Bronx storage building as it will also make your navigation through the house easy.

Planning for the old age can save you from a lot of trouble later. Start communicating with your partner or friends now and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Effectively Furnishing Your Dorm

When you are moving to college from your home, there could be thousands of things that you might be tempted to move with you. As college means more books and additional stacks of papers, you ought to feel cramped in your little dormitory. Here are some tips that will help you in effectively furnishing your dormitory –

Take a tour – The best way to ensure that you do not end up carrying more than required belongings, it is advisable to take a tour of your college and see how much your dorm can accommodate. This will also allow you to know what you are permitted to bring and what you can share in the common area.

Talk to your roommate – There is a high probability of you and your roommate bringing the same stuff. It is therefore advisable to talk to them, by taking their contact and social media details. This will help you in carrying less and it will also save on your moving costs.

Hire storage space – You have moved in a lot of belongings and this has eaten up most of your dorm space. It is advisable to store your belongings in a Bronx affordable storage facility.

Keep these tips in mind and effectively furnish your dorm.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Does It Pay to Use Self-Storage?

You probably have belongings that you'd like to keep but don't have room for: the skis you use once a year, the china you inherited from a great-aunt. Should you rent a self-storage unit, as people in 10% of U.S. households do? Before you call a facility, go through the following steps to see if it's a cost-effective move.

1. Pick and choose:
Weed out items you don't actually need or are on the fence about. Renting a unit because you can't figure out what to do with something is a waste of your money. Here's how to assess whether your item is a keeper:
Is it a "might"? Holding on to your mom's desk because you "might" move into a bigger place can end up costing you as much or more than buying a new one.

2. Gather cost information:
First, make a list of each item you plan to store, and note what it would cost to replace.

3. Figure out a timeline:
Count out how many months you plan to rent a unit.

4. Compare the final numbers:
Think hard about whether your things are worth storing, given the cost and your time frame.


Where's your next move?

Where Renters are Moving and Why?

People move due to some family-related reasons & Job-related reasons. Stats are mentioned below:

Family-related reasons:

1) 12.3% people move due to other family reasons
2) 10.7% move due to establish own household
3) move due to change in marital status

Job-related reasons:

1)2.1% move for another job-related reason
2) 5.5 move to be closer to work/easier commute
3) 9.5% move due to new job or job transfer.
4) 1.8 move to look for work or lost their job

The infographic displayed below gives more information about Where Renters are Moving.


Friday, 6 December 2013

11 Tips To Successfully Pack For Your Self Storage Unit [Infographic]

This infographic displayed above highlights the brief of giving guidance to prospective storage unit renters about the steps they can take to keep their stored items in good condition.

The infographic adumbrates:

·         Steps before packing special objects like metal objects to protect from damage
·         Special packing for specialty items
·         Best ways to keep stored boxes to allow circulation and easy access
·         Tips for storing wooden items and furniture


Friday, 29 November 2013

Great Storage Tips

Storage is closely aligned to its evil cousin, clutter. When it is neat and accessible, storage can be a joy. If you choose to live with minimal objects on show, it is essential. But you don’t want to spend your life putting things in boxes. Here is my 10-step guide to storage sanity.

1 Hall space
2 Put away your clothes
3 The storage amnesty
4 Be inventive
5 The spine of your home
6 Prioritise
7 The lock-up option
8 Keep things where you use them
9 Show off your treasures
10 Children’s toys       

Read more about storage tips at Telegraph   

The craze of Self storage

Self storage plays a very important in our lives. It has become an important part of our lifestyles. When space requirements in our homes & offices increase then storing your belongings in a self storage unit seems as a great option.

Did you know that the mania for storage centres began in the US in the 1960s and the country now has over 50,000 such facilities. They arrived in London in the 1990s but didn't take off across the UK until 2000. Britain has 800 major self-storage units, the same as the rest of Europe put together.

Data from the UK Self Storage Association suggests that the average length of stay has risen from 22 weeks in 2007 to 38 weeks in 2010.

For more details, Visit: BBC

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Storing Your Belongings for the First Time? – A Few Important Tips

Lack of space is the reason that makes us store our belongings at a self storage unit. But before committing your belongings to a Bronx storage facility, there are a few important decisions to make. Here are some tips for people who are planning to store their belongings for the first time at a self storage facility –

  • Prepare a list of all the belongings that you are planning to store in a storage facility. This will give you a fair idea of what you are keeping and will make you more organized.
  • Take care while packing of your belongings. A proper packing will guarantee your belongings’ safety.
  • Use proper boxes and material for packing. Ensure that fragile items are packed properly with proper cushioning to avoid breakage.
  • Do not forget to label the boxes. Labeling will not only help you sort off the belongings, it will also warn the attendants or cleaners to be extra cautious.

Keep these tips in mind and find the best storage facility for your goods and keep them functioning for years to come.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Climate Controlled Storage for Your Precious Belongings

Climate controlled self storage units are the best option to store your belongings that you have accumulated over the years with so much hard work. There are certain belongings, which if not stored in proper climatic conditions, can get damaged and unsuitable for use. This is the reason why certain temperature sensitive belongings should be stored in climate controlled Bronx storage places.

Belongings such as wines, medical supplies, important files, books, and electronics and computer components, among others are a few belongings that can get damaged when not stored properly. Even if you are storing them at home, chances are that your belongings get damaged in absence of the optimal climatic conditions.

The benefits of using climate controlled storage are that it prevents mold, bacteria and mildew overgrowth, and also rusting, darkening, yellowing and cracking. You can also store your seasonal belongings in a climate controlled unit and use them when it is the right season for them.

Climate controlled units, by offering optimal temperature guarantee that your belongings remain in perfect condition for years to come. Choose a climate controlled storage unit and enhance your belongings’ life span.

13 Benefits for Using Self Storage

Self storage has today become an important part of our lifestyles and since the space requirements at our homes and offices are increasing day by day, storing your belongings in a self storage unit has become a viable option for millions of households across the globe. So if you are still unable to decide whether to keep your belongings safely in a Bronx mini storage facility, below are some of the benefits that will help you decide –

  • It happens with most of us that owing to lack of space at our homes or offices, our living spaces start getting cluttered. Since our belongings are something that is very close to us, most of us can not sell them or give them as charity. Self storage units offer you a safe shelter for your additional belongings.
  • Self storage facilities are 24 hours under surveillance and offer protection to our belongings from external threats. Watched by armed guards and surveillance cameras, and protected by sophisticated security gadgets, self storage facilities are nothing less than digital fortresses which can not be easily breached.
  • Keeping your belongings at a mini storage facility helps you de-clutter your living space and allows you to focus on your home. By keeping additional belongings in a storage facility, you are in a better position to renovate your home.
  • Additional belongings act as a barrier to organizing social gatherings and putting the belongings that you do not require can improve your social status and make you as one of the best hosts in your social circle.
  • For outdoor people, self storage facilities are a boon. You can keep all your outdoor gear in a storage facility and use it during the appropriate season.
  • If you have kids, you will need additional space during the summers to accommodate them. Self storage units are your best bet when your kids are coming for summer vacations to home.
  • There are various self storage facilities that offer you space to store your car when not in use. So, when you are out on a vacation or assignment for days or months, you can keep your car in a good storage facility without having to worry about its security.
  • If you are a creative individual with varied interests such as collecting art, artifacts, or any such related objects, self storage units offer you a safe and secure place to store all your belongings.

With so many benefits to offer, self storage units are undoubtedly the best option for your belongings. Keep your belongings in a storage facility and enjoy a ‘spacious’ life.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Do You have Skeletons in the Closets? – You Need Self Storage

Everyone has skeletons in their closets. While some of us may not have skeletons in the closets in their figurative form, nearly all of us have our closets overflowing with belongings that we either do not need or may need but only for some particular occasion or season. So if you too are haunted by the skeletons in your closets, who are keeping you from keeping other belongings in there, its time to bury them in Bronx storage places.

It is natural for human beings to get attached and accustomed to the belongings around them. Whether it is grandmother’s piano or the stunning wooden chest from Morocco, we feel an unexplainable attachment towards our belongings. Although owing to limited spaces in our homes, accumulation of such belongings can clutter our living spaces badly.

Self storage units, since they are 24 hours under camera surveillance and guarded by armed guards and other sophisticated electronic devices, offer the most secure place for our belongings. Whether it is just a few dishes, seasonal clothing or a car, you can store anything in a self storage unit that you feel is taking additional space in your home without having any particular utility. Keep your home clutter free with self storage units.

Do Celebrities Need Self Storage?

Celebrities are human too and even though they might live in lavish houses and sprawling mansions, they too require storage space. Here is a look at some of the famous celebrities who have rented self storage units –

Paris Hilton – The auctioning of the self storage unit of socialite Paris Hilton raised a few eyebrows and that was media’s field day. So the lucky guy who ended up buying Paris Hilton’s storage unit for $2775, found a lot of diaries, revealing photos and enough material to make a Hollywood movie!

Lindsay Lohan – When it comes to making the headlines, Lilo misses no opportunity. The troubled star sent the tabloid into frenzy when the news of the auctioning of her self storage units surfaced. With thousands of dollars down in debt and seized banks accounts, not to mention the frequent in and out trips from the rehab, people are still speculating what could be in the storage units owned by the Mean Girls star.

Whitney Houston – The exceptionally talented late singer, actress and recording artist, late Whitney Houston had to forego a fortune stored in the self storage unit whose rent she did not pay. The items that were sold in an online auction include an exclusively made piano worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and designer clothes worn by Whitney.

Madonna – The queen of pop also had her self storage facility auctioned owing to non payment of the rent. The items in the storage unit sold in an auction for $150.

These are some of the instances that are highlighted in the news when the celebrities fail to pay the rent of their self storage space. However, there are numerous celebrities who store their belongings in self storage units to keep their living space clutter free. Storage in NY is the best option when you have certain belongings that you do not use right now but might use it again in the future. The best part about self storage units is that they are completely secure and provide best storage space for your precious belongings.

Celebrity or not, if you find your house brimming with more belongings than you can take, storing them at Bronx self storage places is the best option that you may have. Choose the best self storage place for you and make your home a livable place again.

Getting 100% from Your Storage Space

So after months of speculating and endless discussions, you have finally decided to keep your belongings in a self storage unit. However, are you sure that you are making the most of your Bronx mini storage space? Here are a few tips that will help you get 100% from your self storage space –

  • Packing your belongings smartly can ensure that your belongings remain safe in a self storage unit. Pack the boxes tightly so that there is no risk of breakage due to movement.
  • When packing your belongings, ensure that you keep all the parts together so that when you have to take them back home and assimilate, you do not have to rummage through all the belongings for finding different parts.
  • Labeling the boxes also saves you from a lot of trouble. Labeling not only helps you know what is inside every box, it also lets you know which of the boxes have fragile and breakable stuff and avoids various unwanted accidents.
  • Keep those belongings that you might require in near future closer to the front. Continue this pattern until you come to the most likely to be ever taken out belongings.
  • Although most of the storage spaces are monitored 24 hours, it is wise to buy additional insurance for your precious belongings.

Self storage units are the best option to keep your belongings safe. Follow these tips and make the most out of your storage space.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Why You Need Self Storage during Divorce

A divorce is tough for both the partners as it legally means an end to their marriage. One of the consequences of a divorce is that at least one of the partners has to move away from the house. This is not only heartwarming, but also you have to search for a place where you can keep your belongings safe. Since most of the people are not that lucky to get an accommodation easily, keeping your belongings in a self storage facility offers a silver lining for the people.

Self storage is the best option when it comes to keeping your belongings. It may be possible that after the divorce you might have to move with a friend or with your parents and you can not burden them with your additional belongings. Keeping your belongings at a secure self storage space will also help you focus on finding an accommodation and deciding what to do next. Since self storage facilities are completely secure from thefts and break-ins, you can keep your belongings there without losing your nights’ sleep.

Find an affordable storage in NYC and keep your belongings safe until you find a decent accommodation.

5 Scenarios where Self Storage can Benefit You

All of us have some belongings that we can do without. Lack of space in our homes can make things tough for us. Since we can not just throw our belongings, self storage facilities offer us the best solution to keep our belongings safe. Apart from being well protected and completely secure, there are numerous other benefits that self storage units have to offer. If you are wondering how self storage in Bronx can be beneficial for you, here are 5 scenarios where you can get truly benefited by self storage –

Marriage – So you have tied the nuptial knots and this is the time to move in with your partner. The house in which you were staying before marriage would have certain belongings that you can do without to create space for both of you. In addition, if you both are moving into a bigger house or apartment, you would not like to clutter your house with those belongings that you do not use or rarely use.

Child birth – When you are expecting a new member in your family, it is the best time when self storage facilities can help you. The child will require his own room and space and therefore you should consider keeping your belongings in a storage facility NY. Furthermore, space requirement will also arise from your decision to hire a full time nanny for your baby. Keeping your belongings in a storage unit after child birth is also a good decision as there are various belongings and furniture that could result in injury to the unassuming kid. You can keep away glass tables, sofas with pointed edges or any such thing that might harm your child.

Moving – Moving to a new location is an outstanding learning opportunity and if you are moving to a new location, you can keep those belongings in a storage facility that you are unsure of moving with you. By keeping additional belongings in a storage facility, you can focus on the belongings to be moved.

Moving home for summers – Many students move to their homes in summers and this could get nasty because both parents and children have accumulated more belongings than the last time. Keeping belongings that you do not immediately require can solve this issue.

Divorce – Once you have legally separated from your spouse, you will need your own place and until you do not get a proper accommodation, you can keep your belongings safe and secure.

Self Storage Solutions for Students

Moving to your home from college for summer can be extremely terrifying for some parents as kids grow so fast and they accumulate things that you can neither understand nor fit in your car. And with each passing year, the quantity of the belongings increases with a staggering rate.

Bringing your children back for summers should be a happy experience and often this gives parents nightmare. Since we have limited spaces at our homes, adjusting the extra belongings could be quite troublesome. The students can not even leave their belongings in the dorm as it would make them pay the rent for occupying it. So what should be done in such a situation? The best option is to keep your belongings safe in a self storage unit.

Bronx self storage units offer the best protection for your belongings. Since self storage facilities are 24 hours under surveillance and are always protected by armed guards, you will not have to worry about your belongings. In addition, self storage facilities do not allow unauthorized people to enter and this provides complete protection for your belongings. Choose a self storage facility and ensure the safety of your belongings.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Benefits of Using Self Storage

In a quest to make our homes stylish and functional, we keep on upgrading it with new things that makes those things, which were in use until now to become dysfunctional. However we get so attached with them that we can not just completely discard them from our homes. This leads to cramped living spaces. Here are some of the benefits of using self storage units –

  • By keeping self storage units, you can create additional space in your home or office.

  • Self storage units can be accessed anytime thus making them convenient for people to get something out or put something in according to their needs.

  • Most of the Bronx storage facilities are climate controlled and this provides proper storage environment for belongings that may become permanently damaged in closets, cellars or garages. 

  • Unlike your home, self storage facilities have tremendous security that makes it almost impossible for an unauthorized person to enter the facility without getting noticed.

Self storage is the bets option when you have some uncertainty regarding your belongings. Choose the best self storage facility and keep your belongings safe always.

Do Not Let Small Spaces Give You Sleepless Nights

Every homeowner, whether residing in a huge penthouse or a compact loft, complains about lack of space in their dwellings. The reason behind lack of space is accumulation of more belongings that we do not even use.

Lack of space gives people nightmares as additional belongings make it impossible for them to utilize the space in their homes to the fullest. Every homeowner wants to decorate his/her home and this is why nearly all of them end up accumulating substitutes for the belongings that they already have and which are still functional. Since the belongings that are substituted still very functional, people find it hard to throw them or give them away. This is because as human beings, we always imagine the worst and plan for the future. To ensure that your belongings remain safe and you do not have to live in cramped spaces, Bronx self storage is your best option.

Self storage facilities provide secure storage options for millions of people who want to keep their belongings safe. As self storage facilities are 24 hours under CCTV cameras and guarded by armed guards, this makes them a safe place to keep your belongings safe. In addition, a lot of self storage facilities are climate controlled and offer protection to your belongings that can be damaged in adverse climates. Do not wait and select the best self storage facility to keep your belongings safe.

Clear the ‘Man Clutter’ for a Spacious Home

Almost all the women reading this will agree with me that men are lazy who first clutter the homes with useless belongings and then do not budge a nerve to move that clutter out of the house. Every couple has arguments related to space in the house with the women complaining the men for accumulating things that are not actually needed and useless.

It is true that there are some belongings that become a part of our lives but once you have invited a woman in your life, the territory that you had have ruled solely is now shared by her as well. Bachelor days are gone now and this calls for clearing out a lot of unused and useless belongings, which could be appropriately termed as man clutter.

Every individual needs his/her own space and there is no harm in having a few possessions of yours in your home. However, cobwebbed old gadgets, sports equipment, high school jerseys, boxing gear, the broken and irreparable first bike, magazines and books eat a lot of your living space. These belongings, no doubt, could be precious to you, but obstruct the space in your home. The best solution for this is storing such belongings in a Bronx self storage facility.

Self storage facilities allow you to store belongings that you do not want in your house, but are unable to donate or throw them as they have some significant emotional values attached to them. Self storage facilities allow you to keep your belongings safe without you having to feel a space crunch in your home.

The best part about storing your belongings in a Bronx storage unit is that you do can access your belongings at any time. Most self storage facilities are open round the clock that allow you to access your belongings without waiting for the weekend or holiday to do so.

Most people argue that storing your belongings in a self storage unit is not safe as such facilities are susceptible to thefts and break-ins. However, since people utilize storage space, self storage service providers ensure proper safety and security of your belongings. From CCTV cameras, intercoms, sophisticated locks, armed guards to alarm systems in individual units, your belongings remain completely safe in a self storage facility.

You have enough reasons now to empty your house of the man clutter that you have accumulated over years and make your home livable again. Find the best storage facility today.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Car Storage for Your Precious Car

Owning a brand new car model is a dream of a lot of individuals. The presence of a speed monster in your garage can inflate your ego to seventh heaven. However, what gives car owners a nightmare is when they have to move to a new location for sometime, where taking their car is not a feasible option. What can you do in such a situation? As crime rates and thefts are rising every day, you can not leave your car in the garage inviting car thieves. In such a scenario, storing your car in a reputable car storage facility can save a lot of your dollars and hours of sleep.

Choosing the right car storage in New York is the key to your automobile’s well being and life. Since cars are extremely sensitive to environmental factors, it is therefore necessary to select a car storage facility that offers maximum protection to your vehicle from forces of nature such as storms, hurricanes, snow and rain.

Car storage facilities have professionals who can suggest you how to keep your car safe when you are not using it. Keeping your car safe will not only keep it safe from external factors and thieves, bit will also help maintain its efficiency and engine life. Find the best car storage facility for your vehicle and ensure high performance for years to come.

Monday, 23 September 2013

How Self Storage Units can Help You

From primitive ages, people have been storing their precious belongings to keep them safe from predators and thieves. We are no different from our ancestors as we too have requirements for additional space. As humans, we have a tendency to accumulate more and more belongings and this leads to cramped living spaces. This is where the importance of Bronx storage spaces comes into the picture.

Apart from safety and security, one of the most important reasons for keeping your belongings in a self storage unit is convenience. Self storage units allow you to have the possession of your belongings without having to stay in a cluttered place. As most of the self storage units operate for 24 hours, this enables individuals to access their belongings at their convenience. Apart from this, self storage units that are climate controlled also ensure that your belongings remain in good condition always.

Whether it is moving to a new location, renovation, downsizing or simply creating additional space in your living space, self storage units offer you the best solution for your access belongings. Find the best self storage unit today for your belongings and enjoy with complete peace of mind.

Organizing Your Business with Self Storage Units

Businesses do face a space crunch and as the operations expand, the requirement for additional space is felt dearly. Old documents, journals and equipment in your office can make your office look more cluttered, which not only will rob your office of your aesthetics, but will also hamper the productivity of your workforce. In addition, a cluttered and dirty office will also create an unpleasant impression on your clients and customers. In order to save yourself from all these troubles, the best option that you have is storing your belongings in a safe and secure Bronx storage unit.

Hiring a building space to store your belongings is not a wise idea as business storage is not cheap. In addition, you will be constantly worrying about the security of your office belongings. Self storage units on the other hand are a much practical option as they not only provide an economical storage space for your belongings, but they also ensure their complete safety and security. With the presence of armed guards and 24 hours under surveillance cameras, self storage units make sure that your belongings remain intact. In addition, as business hours could be irregular, a lot of self storage facilities offer 24 hours service so that you can access your belongings at ease. So find a storage space and let your office breathe.

Golden Rules for Finding the Right Self Storage Provider

The crunch for additional space drive a lot of people crazy and so is the quest for finding the right self storage service provider. If you are planning to keep your belongings safe in a Bronx mini storage unit, here are some rules that will help you find the right storage facility for you –

  • The first rule that you need to keep in mind when searching for self storage units is to be clear about your own space requirements. You should be clear about the space that you require so that you do not end up in a unit which is not appropriate for your belongings.
  • Next is to look at the security aspect. You are storing your belongings at a place away from your home so you need to ensure that the facility that you choose should have proper security features such as armed guards, surveillance cameras, proper fencing, heavy doors and locks and other security arrangements.
  • If you are storing belongings that can be easily damaged in adverse climate, choosing a climate controlled unit is a wise option.
  • Compare the price of different units before making a decision. In addition, measure the distance from your home and add with the price to choose a better and more economical self storage option.

Keep these rules in mind and choose the best self storage unit for your belongings.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Storage Guide for Newbies

If you want to store your additional belongings to a secure place, self storage is the best option. However, most people, who have never stored their belongings in a self storage in Bronx feel a bit skeptical before storing there belongings. If you are storing your belongings for the first time in a self storage facility, here are some pointers to assist you –

Prepare a list – Before you start packing your belongings for self storage, it is important that you prepare a list first of all the items that you want to store. This will keep you organized and make the storage process easier and swifter.

Take your time – One of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they try to finish the packing in one day, which results in fatigue and lack of motivation. Always remember that you have taken so many years to accumulate these belongings. It is natural that clearing up the mess will take some days as well.

Storing the items – You are storing the belongings as, at one point or other, you may require them. Label them and keep the most commonly used items in the front for your own ease.

Keep these pointers in mind and create additional space at your home with self storage facilities.

Interesting Facts about Self Storage

Everyone faces a space crunch in their home. Whether it is the kids coming home for summers, annual renovation or a party, there are various occasions when you require additional storage space. Here are some interesting facts about self storage –

  • Americans use more self storage units than any other country in the world. There are over 50,000 storage facilities in the US as compared to nearly 10,000 storage units in the rest of the world. 

  • It is not only furniture, books or other household stuff that you can find in a storage unit. There are certain instances where strange items have been found in storage units. These include dollar notes worth thousands, urns of a lady, race cars as well as unreleased compositions by Michael Jackson. 

  • Businesses also require self storage and the most commonly items stored by businesses in self storage units include documents, old equipment, excess machinery and equipment used during trade shows and exhibitions.

Whatever may be your requirements, self storage in Bronx can help you manage space at your home or office. Search online for the best self storage solutions and enjoy a more organized living or working space.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Let Your Garage Breathe Easy with Self Storage

So you can still figure out what garages are for? Well, garages were designed originally for parking the car. However, with time as we humans started to feel the requirement of additional space at home, garages took the role of storing our belongings which are apparently no longer in use. So why is it that we are so indifferent to our garages? The living space that we make out of our garages obstructs our initiative to clean the garage. Here are some ways through which you can again make your garage fit for your car –

  • The first step is to assess the clutter. Goods that we do not use, yet can not throw away or seasonal goods are the most common occupants of a garage. Take firm decisions and get rid of anything that you do not need.

  • If you are moving out to a new location, you will have to think about the utility of the items that you have stored. This will depend upon the size of your new house, as well as, provision for more rooms.

  • Once you have decided which belongings to keep and which you do not require, it is advisable to store the former ones in a Bronx self storage unit.

There are plenty of self storage facilities available in NY that can help you clear the clutter from your home. Find the most suitable storage facility and make your garage an exclusive parking space for your car.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

5 Tips for Storing Watches and Clocks

Self storage units allow people to have additional space at their home. However in the excitement of making their home more spacious, people tend to forget the significance of storing their belongings safely. Watches and clocks are delicately designed pieces of craftsmanship that are highly vulnerable to breakage. Here are some tips for storing clocks and watches –

  • Clean the clocks and watches before storing them. This will keep them running even when they are not used for a long time.

  • The best option is to store the watch in its original packing as it can best protect it from dust and dirt. If you do not have the original packing, secure the watches in a box that can be easily closed and that does not assert too much pressure on the watch.

  • Remove batteries from electronic clocks and watches as they possess the risk of leaking, which can damage it.

  • If you are planning to store mechanical clocks, remove the pendulum, keys and other screws and secure and label them properly so that when it comes to reassembling, you do not have to feel the heat.

  • Make sure that you store the clock in a dry, clean and dust free place and not in a damp and dark place.

Keep these tips in mind and find the best Bronx storage facility to ensure the safety of your watches and clocks.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Things to Look in a Storage Facility

Deciding on a storage facility is not an easy job to do since here your precious belongings are at stake. If you are in need of additional space and are looking for self storage in Bronx, here are some of the things that you should look in a storage facility before moving your belongings there –

  • The first thing to ensure is that the storage facility should be in an area which is not in the news because of the wrong reasons. 

  • Make sure the Bronx mini storage facility that you choose is completely fenced and guarded at all the times. 

  • Ensure that the facility is well lit. 

  • The lock that you choose for your individual unit must be sturdy and of the best quality and do not share the key of the lock with any attendant in the facility.

  • Most of the self storage facilities can be accessed 24 hours. Make sure that the facility that you choose has an attendant present all the times.

  • Check the surveillance cameras and if they work or not. Ask the manager to tell you about the other security measures.

Storing your belongings at a self storage unit comes with a price tag. It is therefore imperative to make sure the storage facility that you choose is safe. Keep these tips in mind and ensure the safety of your belongings.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Why You should Consider a Climate Controlled Self Storage Unit?

The adverse temperatures of a self storage unit can have adverse effects on your belongings. Personal belongings and important official data can be damaged if not properly stored. This is the reason why a climatic controlled Bronx storage space should be chosen.

Climate controlled storage units offer protection to your belongings from harsh temperatures and humidity. By maintaining a temperature, which is neither too hot nor too humid, climate controlled storage units ensure that your belongings remain in their perfect condition. Here are some of the benefits of storing your belongings at a climate controlled storage facility –

  • Prevents overgrowth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

  • Helps keep away termites, bugs and mice.

  • Prevents rusting and damage because of the moisture content in the air.

  • Protection from dust and dirt.

Leather goods, plastics, paintings, medical supplies, DVDs and CDs, cameras and certain electronics are the belongings that are most susceptible to damage if not stored properly. By storing your belongings in a climate controlled storage unit, you can keep your belongings healthy and safe. Do your research and choose the best climate controlled storage space for your belongings.

5 Smart Storage Tips

We all need some storage space owing to the belongings that we accumulate in our living space. Self storage units, if extremely useful, can become quite chaotic if you store your belongings without a proper strategy. Here are some useful tips that will help you make the most of your storage space –

  • Efficient packing holds the key to a safe storage. Ensure that your belongings are properly packed and labeled before shifting them to a Bronx self storage facility.

  • Keep space so that you can move freely in your unit. Arrange the boxes in such a manner that you do not have to rummage through the boxes or jump them to reach the one you are looking for.

  • Keep the heaviest boxes at the bottom and lighter boxes over them and not vice versa.

  • It is highly advisable to keep the items that you may use frequently at the front of the unit. 

  • Do not store items that you do not need anymore. For instance, trash containers and broken shovels should be disposed as they will take unnecessary space at your storage unit.

Keep these smart tips in mind and make the most out of your storage space.

Tips to Make Your Packing Easy

Often people think that self storage units will take care of their belongings and all they have to do is just keep there belongings there. However, packing plays a very important role in keeping your belongings safe in a Bronx mini storage facility. Here are some tips that will make your packing easier –

  • Stuffing belongings haphazardly in wrong boxes will not only make it difficult for you to sort them out, but it also poses as a serious threat to their safety. Always ensure that you have the correct boxes that can be closed properly. Do not overload the boxes.

  • Labeling saves a lot of your time as you will not like searching every box to find its contents. In addition, labeling also suggests what is inside the box, for safe and proper handling.

  • Clearly mention ‘This Side Up’ on the boxes to avoid unwanted accidents.

  • Get a high quality packing tape and tape the bottom of the boxes to make sure they do not break owing to the weight.

Keep these tips in mind and make your packing easy.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Common Self Storage Myths

Self storage units are gaining in popularity every day. However, there are still some myths associated with self storage units that make people think twice before storing their belongings in a self storage facility. Here are some of the myths associated with self storage units –

Size – Most people are under the impression that storage units are only large rooms and they are only economical for large business houses. However, you can store any sized belongings at a storage space, depending upon your requirement.

Security – People are worried about the security of their belongings at a storage unit as they believe that these are constantly under threat from burglars and robbers. However, a good Bronx storage facility is 24 hours under surveillance and protected by security guards, making it impossible for anyone to break-in before getting noticed.

Access – As per the common myth, a storage facility is closed after dark and you can not access it on holidays and weekends. However, storage facilities can be accessed 24 hours, making it convenient for you to get your belongings.

Keep these myths in mind and do not let these deter you in storing the belongings at a storage facility.

Self Storage Blunders People Commit

Many people think that self storage units can themselves take care of their belongings and dump there stuff in the nearest storage facility that they find. However, this does more damage to the belongings than good. Here are some blunders that people commit when storing there belongings at a self storage facility –

Thinking irrationally – Although it may sound tempting, but keeping more belongings will make you pay more. Before committing yourself to a storage facility, get rid of all those belongings that you do not require at all. Keeping such belongings in a storage unit will only burden your pocket.

Not numbering and labeling the boxes – Labeling helps you in storing your belongings more effectively and cautiously. This will help in avoiding unwanted accidents and losses. In addition, proper labeling will allow you to easily navigate through the storage space when you require something out from the belongings.

Not buying insurance for the belongings – Although Bronx car storage self storage places are safe and secure as they are 24x7 under surveillance, it does not hurt to buy additional insurance to keep your belongings safe in case something happens.

Keep these blunders in mind before storing your belongings at a storage facility.

How Self Storage can Help Students?

As a student you may have accumulated hundreds of things, which you can neither throw away nor keep with you all the time. There are things that you may require from time to time but it is not feasible to carry them all the time from your dormitory or room to your parents’ house. So what should a student do in such a case? Self storage and car storage facilities are the solution for this concern.

Self storage units allow you to keep your belongings safe until the time you need them again. Leaving your belongings at the dorm during the summers does not guarantee their safety and security. Books, notes, important data should be kept in such a place where they are not damaged, stolen or get lost. Carrying such important belongings only add to the luggage when you do not have to use them during the vacations. Keeping them at a Bronx mini storage will ensure the safety of your belongings.

The best part about storing your car at a NY car storage facility is that you can access them at any time you like. Even when you have moved back to your dormitory, you can keep the belongings at the storage facility to make your dorm more spacious. So, keep your belongings at a storage facility and have a happy vacation.

Easy Tips for De Cluttering Your House

Annual renovation is just around the corner and you are wondering where to keep your belongings. This is one of the biggest dilemmas that every household faces. Here are some easy tips for de cluttering your house and preparing it for renovation –

Garage Sale – Garage sale is a good option when you want to de clutter your home as it not only helps you get the unwanted belongings out of your house, but it also helps you in getting quick bucks as well.

Charity – When you are unsure of what to do with your belongings, you can give them as charity as well. There are several belongings that you may have not used for years and are of no real value to you, but such belongings can help a needy.

Self Storage – When you do not have time and you are not sure of what to do with the belongings, the best option is to store them at a Bronx storage unit. Storing your belongings will help you focus on the renovation and not on the access furniture.

Keep these ideas in mind and make your home renovation a success.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Scams by Storage Companies

When it comes to storing our belongings at a storage unit, one has to be extra vigilant as there are many unscrupulous storage service providers who deceive the innocent people. Here are some of the common scams by storage unit providers –

Unclean units – Some storage facilities only claim to be clean however in reality they are infested by rodents and insects. Leaky roofs, no proper climatic control can do much worse than good to your belongings.

Insecure facility and thefts – Although as claimed in the advertisements to be highly secure, a lot of storage facilities are devoid of CCTV cameras or other security measures that leads to thefts.

Hidden charges – Everything looks perfect until the moment you keep your belongings. The rent goes sky rocketing owing to the hidden charges that include utility surcharges, lock rental, late fees and additional security.

Carefully inspect the unit and do not forget to read the hidden clauses in the contract and ask even the minutest details to ensure that you are not duped by storage companies. Select the most reputable and professional Bronx storage places to save you from falling victim to the storage scams while ensuring that your belongings remain safe and secure.

How to Select the Proper Sized Storage Unit?

Your belongings are precious and in order to ensure that they remain intact and unscathed, it is crucial to select the proper sized storage unit for them. Storage units are used to keep your belongings safe when it is relocation, renovation or requirement of space for any other reason. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when selecting the right sized storage unit –

  • Make a list of the items that you want to store in the unit. This will allow you to have a fair estimate of the space that you will be requiring.

  • Consider the weight and size of the items that you need to store. Some items can be stacked on the top of each other that can save a lot of space. Special consideration should be made for the items that have odd shapes or designs.

  • Try using different containers and measure each one to select the most efficient one.

  • Storage time should also be considered when storing your goods. When you are keeping your belongings for a shorter period, you can closely pack them. However, if the storage is for a longer period of time, you need to ensure that there is ample space between them that allows proper ventilation.

Follow these steps and select a sophisticated Bronx mini storage facility to ensure safety and security of your belongings.

Before You Keep Your Belongings at a Storage Facility

Whether it is the relocation to a new home or the annual renovation, storage facilities are an outstanding way of managing the surplus goods that you have accumulated over the years and still do not want to part with them. However, before keeping your goods at a Bronx storage facility, here are a few important things that should be considered –

Before bringing your belongings to a storage facility, visit the facility and thoroughly inspect it. Make sure to check the general upkeep of the unit, lighting, water leakage and climate control. Look out for any signs of rodents or insect infestation.

Learn about the security of the facility, as well as of the location. Check out the CCTV cameras and if they work properly or not. Other things such as the alarm system, round the clock availability of armed guards, heavy window bars and keyless locks all over the unit should also be checked.

A storage facility that offers 24 hour access should also be preferred over units that are open for a specified time. Keep these tips in mind before keeping your belongings at a storage facility.

Choosing the Right Car Storage Facility

A car is a precious possession. However, most people ignore the importance of selecting the right storage facility and select any random storage unit that is nearest to their location. Here are some important tips to keep in mind when selecting a car storage facility –

  • Car is an expensive commodity. Do not go for a storage facility just by the cost factor. Make sure you check the facilities provided by a storage unit before committing your vehicle with them. Always remember that by saving on the cost of the storage unit, you may compromise with the performance and life of your vehicle.

  • Although the closer the storage facility is located to your residence is better, however only location should not be the deciding factor. Do not just store your car in a storage unit owing to its proximity to your home. A reputable car storage facility, which is located a few miles further, is a more viable solution as it will offer the best protection for your car.

  • Check the security measures at the storage unit. A unit which is guarded by armed guards and is 24 hours under camera surveillance is a much safer place to keep your car. Look out for other security measures such as keyless doors, heavy fencing and 24 hours accessibility.

Select the best car storage in NY and ensure a complete peace of mind.

The 4 Commandments of Car Storage

Cars when not used for a longer time get deteriorated. In addition, the wrong storing methods and techniques do worse than any good to a vehicle. If you are planning to store your car for a longer period of time, here are the four commandments that need to be strictly followed –

Remove the battery – Even if a battery is brand new, it can lose charge. It is therefore imperative to remove the battery before storing your car at a car storage unit. Once the battery is removed, thoroughly clean the terminals and wires.

Keep a full gas tank – Moisture by getting into the gas tank can cause rust formation. In order to prevent rust in the gas tank, keep the gas tank full and use fuel additives to prevent clogging of the injectors.

Get a complete car checkup – Before keeping your car in a storage facility, make sure that the car is in the best condition. Get the wiring, fluid levels, plugs and hoses and tire pressure checked before storing it. Make sure to replace the fluids before storing.

Ensure the storage unit is dry and protected – To make sure that your vehicle remains protected from dirt, dust, pollution, temperature, moisture and rodents, select a dry and protected Bronx storage unit.

Follow these tips and guarantee a long life for your car.

Vehicle Storage Tips

Whether it an overseas vacation or a few months project at some distant location, it is highly critical to store a car properly to ensure that its condition does not deteriorate with time. Here are some valuable vehicle storage tips to ensure that your vehicle remains in the perfect condition –

  • Remove the oil and fill the engine with fresh oil as used oil, owing to the presence of moisture and acids can lead to the corrosion of the engine.
  • Remove all the old fluids, including rear axle and transmission and replace them with new fluids to avoid rusting of the parts.
  • In order to keep moisture out, the engines openings should be properly sealed off with cotton.
  • Pour a little oil in the cylinders and tighten the spark plugs to stop corrosion.
  • Lighten the air pressure from the wheels to prevent flat spots.
  • Wash the car, let it dry and apply a good quality wax over its surface and cover it with a cover. Seal all the openings that may allow rodents to infest the vehicle.

If you want your car to remain in the perfect condition, it is advisable to store it with professional car storage in New York. Choose a reputable car storage unit and ensure the safety and security of your vehicle.