Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The 4 Commandments of Car Storage

Cars when not used for a longer time get deteriorated. In addition, the wrong storing methods and techniques do worse than any good to a vehicle. If you are planning to store your car for a longer period of time, here are the four commandments that need to be strictly followed –

Remove the battery – Even if a battery is brand new, it can lose charge. It is therefore imperative to remove the battery before storing your car at a car storage unit. Once the battery is removed, thoroughly clean the terminals and wires.

Keep a full gas tank – Moisture by getting into the gas tank can cause rust formation. In order to prevent rust in the gas tank, keep the gas tank full and use fuel additives to prevent clogging of the injectors.

Get a complete car checkup – Before keeping your car in a storage facility, make sure that the car is in the best condition. Get the wiring, fluid levels, plugs and hoses and tire pressure checked before storing it. Make sure to replace the fluids before storing.

Ensure the storage unit is dry and protected – To make sure that your vehicle remains protected from dirt, dust, pollution, temperature, moisture and rodents, select a dry and protected Bronx storage unit.

Follow these tips and guarantee a long life for your car.


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