Wednesday, 23 July 2014

What not to keep in storage units?

Renting a self-storage unit is one of the easiest ways to get rid of excess household items without throwing them away. Storage units can be used to store all types of items. If there is anything that is occupying too much space in your home and you don’t use it too often, you can move it to storage units. However, there are some things that don’t belong there! Let’s take a look at some items that shouldn’t be kept in storage units-

Perishable Products
Keeping perishable products like milk, vegetables or meat in storage units is not an option. These items spoil quickly and are therefore, not allowed in storage units. The food products also attract rodents and insects and may result in infestation throughout the entire facility. 

Hazardous Substances
Any hazardous substance should not be stored in a storage facility. Motor oil, kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, cleaning solvents and fireworks are some of the products that are not allowed in storage units. These products can cause fire and may jeopardize the safety of your belongings. Other flammable items like bottled gas, corrosives etc. should also be kept away from storage units. 

Stolen cars
Keeping unregistered or stolen vehicles in storage units is not allowed. You’re required to submit proof of ownership to keep a car in storage unit. Also, you cannot store any other person’s car in your storage unit. You can use storage units to store only the cars that you legally own. 

Pets/ Animals
Even though most people understand that keeping pets in storage units is not an option, it must be emphasized that it amounts to cruelty. Also, it’s illegal to keep any living thing in storage unit. 

Banned drugs
This is also quite obvious. Using storage units to store banned drugs or harmful substances is a crime. Storage units strictly prohibit the storage of cocaine, heroine and other banned substances. 

Weapons and explosives
Life threatening explosives and weapons cannot be stored in storage units. Keeping any type of ammunition in a storage unit is a crime. In fact, most storage units don’t even allow fireworks inside the units as they can catch fire easily. 

Some carelessness on your part may jeopardize the safety of your household items in storage units. Most storage facilities in NY have strict guidelines when it comes to storing products. And if you’re planning to use storage units to keep excess household items, it’s important that you follow these guidelines. This will ensure complete safety of your belongings. 


  1. I am not surprised that you cannot keep stolen cars in a storage unit. Though, I do think that if you have a stolen car, you probably don't care about keeping it in a storage unit. However, I was unaware that you cannot keep someone Else's vehicle in your storage unit even with their permission. that is good information to have.

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  2. Some of these things don't surprise me as things you shouldn't keep in a unit. Like pets and animals. It makes sense to me not to do that, but it surprises me that some people still try it anyway. Thank you for the great post.

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