Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Scams by Storage Companies

When it comes to storing our belongings at a storage unit, one has to be extra vigilant as there are many unscrupulous storage service providers who deceive the innocent people. Here are some of the common scams by storage unit providers –

Unclean units – Some storage facilities only claim to be clean however in reality they are infested by rodents and insects. Leaky roofs, no proper climatic control can do much worse than good to your belongings.

Insecure facility and thefts – Although as claimed in the advertisements to be highly secure, a lot of storage facilities are devoid of CCTV cameras or other security measures that leads to thefts.

Hidden charges – Everything looks perfect until the moment you keep your belongings. The rent goes sky rocketing owing to the hidden charges that include utility surcharges, lock rental, late fees and additional security.

Carefully inspect the unit and do not forget to read the hidden clauses in the contract and ask even the minutest details to ensure that you are not duped by storage companies. Select the most reputable and professional Bronx storage places to save you from falling victim to the storage scams while ensuring that your belongings remain safe and secure.

How to Select the Proper Sized Storage Unit?

Your belongings are precious and in order to ensure that they remain intact and unscathed, it is crucial to select the proper sized storage unit for them. Storage units are used to keep your belongings safe when it is relocation, renovation or requirement of space for any other reason. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when selecting the right sized storage unit –

  • Make a list of the items that you want to store in the unit. This will allow you to have a fair estimate of the space that you will be requiring.

  • Consider the weight and size of the items that you need to store. Some items can be stacked on the top of each other that can save a lot of space. Special consideration should be made for the items that have odd shapes or designs.

  • Try using different containers and measure each one to select the most efficient one.

  • Storage time should also be considered when storing your goods. When you are keeping your belongings for a shorter period, you can closely pack them. However, if the storage is for a longer period of time, you need to ensure that there is ample space between them that allows proper ventilation.

Follow these steps and select a sophisticated Bronx mini storage facility to ensure safety and security of your belongings.

Before You Keep Your Belongings at a Storage Facility

Whether it is the relocation to a new home or the annual renovation, storage facilities are an outstanding way of managing the surplus goods that you have accumulated over the years and still do not want to part with them. However, before keeping your goods at a Bronx storage facility, here are a few important things that should be considered –

Before bringing your belongings to a storage facility, visit the facility and thoroughly inspect it. Make sure to check the general upkeep of the unit, lighting, water leakage and climate control. Look out for any signs of rodents or insect infestation.

Learn about the security of the facility, as well as of the location. Check out the CCTV cameras and if they work properly or not. Other things such as the alarm system, round the clock availability of armed guards, heavy window bars and keyless locks all over the unit should also be checked.

A storage facility that offers 24 hour access should also be preferred over units that are open for a specified time. Keep these tips in mind before keeping your belongings at a storage facility.

Choosing the Right Car Storage Facility

A car is a precious possession. However, most people ignore the importance of selecting the right storage facility and select any random storage unit that is nearest to their location. Here are some important tips to keep in mind when selecting a car storage facility –

  • Car is an expensive commodity. Do not go for a storage facility just by the cost factor. Make sure you check the facilities provided by a storage unit before committing your vehicle with them. Always remember that by saving on the cost of the storage unit, you may compromise with the performance and life of your vehicle.

  • Although the closer the storage facility is located to your residence is better, however only location should not be the deciding factor. Do not just store your car in a storage unit owing to its proximity to your home. A reputable car storage facility, which is located a few miles further, is a more viable solution as it will offer the best protection for your car.

  • Check the security measures at the storage unit. A unit which is guarded by armed guards and is 24 hours under camera surveillance is a much safer place to keep your car. Look out for other security measures such as keyless doors, heavy fencing and 24 hours accessibility.

Select the best car storage in NY and ensure a complete peace of mind.

The 4 Commandments of Car Storage

Cars when not used for a longer time get deteriorated. In addition, the wrong storing methods and techniques do worse than any good to a vehicle. If you are planning to store your car for a longer period of time, here are the four commandments that need to be strictly followed –

Remove the battery – Even if a battery is brand new, it can lose charge. It is therefore imperative to remove the battery before storing your car at a car storage unit. Once the battery is removed, thoroughly clean the terminals and wires.

Keep a full gas tank – Moisture by getting into the gas tank can cause rust formation. In order to prevent rust in the gas tank, keep the gas tank full and use fuel additives to prevent clogging of the injectors.

Get a complete car checkup – Before keeping your car in a storage facility, make sure that the car is in the best condition. Get the wiring, fluid levels, plugs and hoses and tire pressure checked before storing it. Make sure to replace the fluids before storing.

Ensure the storage unit is dry and protected – To make sure that your vehicle remains protected from dirt, dust, pollution, temperature, moisture and rodents, select a dry and protected Bronx storage unit.

Follow these tips and guarantee a long life for your car.

Vehicle Storage Tips

Whether it an overseas vacation or a few months project at some distant location, it is highly critical to store a car properly to ensure that its condition does not deteriorate with time. Here are some valuable vehicle storage tips to ensure that your vehicle remains in the perfect condition –

  • Remove the oil and fill the engine with fresh oil as used oil, owing to the presence of moisture and acids can lead to the corrosion of the engine.
  • Remove all the old fluids, including rear axle and transmission and replace them with new fluids to avoid rusting of the parts.
  • In order to keep moisture out, the engines openings should be properly sealed off with cotton.
  • Pour a little oil in the cylinders and tighten the spark plugs to stop corrosion.
  • Lighten the air pressure from the wheels to prevent flat spots.
  • Wash the car, let it dry and apply a good quality wax over its surface and cover it with a cover. Seal all the openings that may allow rodents to infest the vehicle.

If you want your car to remain in the perfect condition, it is advisable to store it with professional car storage in New York. Choose a reputable car storage unit and ensure the safety and security of your vehicle.