Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Vehicle Storage Tips

Whether it an overseas vacation or a few months project at some distant location, it is highly critical to store a car properly to ensure that its condition does not deteriorate with time. Here are some valuable vehicle storage tips to ensure that your vehicle remains in the perfect condition –

  • Remove the oil and fill the engine with fresh oil as used oil, owing to the presence of moisture and acids can lead to the corrosion of the engine.
  • Remove all the old fluids, including rear axle and transmission and replace them with new fluids to avoid rusting of the parts.
  • In order to keep moisture out, the engines openings should be properly sealed off with cotton.
  • Pour a little oil in the cylinders and tighten the spark plugs to stop corrosion.
  • Lighten the air pressure from the wheels to prevent flat spots.
  • Wash the car, let it dry and apply a good quality wax over its surface and cover it with a cover. Seal all the openings that may allow rodents to infest the vehicle.

If you want your car to remain in the perfect condition, it is advisable to store it with professional car storage in New York. Choose a reputable car storage unit and ensure the safety and security of your vehicle.


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