Thursday, 21 November 2013

Do Celebrities Need Self Storage?

Celebrities are human too and even though they might live in lavish houses and sprawling mansions, they too require storage space. Here is a look at some of the famous celebrities who have rented self storage units –

Paris Hilton – The auctioning of the self storage unit of socialite Paris Hilton raised a few eyebrows and that was media’s field day. So the lucky guy who ended up buying Paris Hilton’s storage unit for $2775, found a lot of diaries, revealing photos and enough material to make a Hollywood movie!

Lindsay Lohan – When it comes to making the headlines, Lilo misses no opportunity. The troubled star sent the tabloid into frenzy when the news of the auctioning of her self storage units surfaced. With thousands of dollars down in debt and seized banks accounts, not to mention the frequent in and out trips from the rehab, people are still speculating what could be in the storage units owned by the Mean Girls star.

Whitney Houston – The exceptionally talented late singer, actress and recording artist, late Whitney Houston had to forego a fortune stored in the self storage unit whose rent she did not pay. The items that were sold in an online auction include an exclusively made piano worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and designer clothes worn by Whitney.

Madonna – The queen of pop also had her self storage facility auctioned owing to non payment of the rent. The items in the storage unit sold in an auction for $150.

These are some of the instances that are highlighted in the news when the celebrities fail to pay the rent of their self storage space. However, there are numerous celebrities who store their belongings in self storage units to keep their living space clutter free. Storage in NY is the best option when you have certain belongings that you do not use right now but might use it again in the future. The best part about self storage units is that they are completely secure and provide best storage space for your precious belongings.

Celebrity or not, if you find your house brimming with more belongings than you can take, storing them at Bronx self storage places is the best option that you may have. Choose the best self storage place for you and make your home a livable place again.


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