Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Storing Your Belongings for the First Time? – A Few Important Tips

Lack of space is the reason that makes us store our belongings at a self storage unit. But before committing your belongings to a Bronx storage facility, there are a few important decisions to make. Here are some tips for people who are planning to store their belongings for the first time at a self storage facility –

  • Prepare a list of all the belongings that you are planning to store in a storage facility. This will give you a fair idea of what you are keeping and will make you more organized.
  • Take care while packing of your belongings. A proper packing will guarantee your belongings’ safety.
  • Use proper boxes and material for packing. Ensure that fragile items are packed properly with proper cushioning to avoid breakage.
  • Do not forget to label the boxes. Labeling will not only help you sort off the belongings, it will also warn the attendants or cleaners to be extra cautious.

Keep these tips in mind and find the best storage facility for your goods and keep them functioning for years to come.


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