Friday, 27 December 2013

Mistakes People Make while Storing their Car

We invest a lot of money in buying a vehicle and take good care of it with regular servicing. However, it might sound strange, but when it comes to storing our vehicle, we take it for granted. Since car is also machinery, it can get easily damaged if not stored properly.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that people make when storing their car –
  1. Storing the Car without cleaning it properly – Regular washing and cleaning can take care of your car. When you are storing your car, it is important that you clean it thoroughly, not only the outer metallic surface, but also the inside, tires and hood as well.
  1. Leaving the fuel tank empty – Most people think that leaving gas in the gas tank solves no purpose and the gas would deteriorate with time. However, it is highly recommended that you fill the gas tank to the full as it will nullify any chances of rusting of the gas tank.
  1. Letting the clutch unlocked – Storing your car for a longer period of time can result in the sticking of the clutch plate to the inner surface of the car. Keep the clutch locked and place a protective layer, preferably a wooden plank, between the pedal and the car’s surface to avoid sticking.
  1. Leaving important documents in the car – Leaving important documents such as the registration papers or license increases your chances of losing them. It is therefore important to take these out and securing them before leaving your car at a storage unit.
  1. Do not locking the doors or windows – Never leave the doors or windows unlocked in order to avoid anything unwanted.
If you are planning to go on a holiday or any other reason when you would not be using your car, storing your car in a good car storage in New York is the best that you can do for your vehicle. Storage facilities are especially meant to store belongings and vehicles and there you can ensure the complete safety of your car. Apart from providing a safe haven for your vehicle, storage units also protect your car from any pest infestation and save it from the dirt and dust accumulation. Find the best car storage in NY and ensure that your car remains in perfect condition and gives you the same performance for years to come.


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