Saturday, 1 March 2014

Tips for Effectively Utilizing Your Storage Space

Renting a storage unit is a big decision. Choosing the right self storage in Bronx is half the battle won. Apart from this, one has to ensure that the belongings are packed in such a manner that ensures they are not damaged while in transit, as well as, when they are being kept in the storage unit. Here are 4 important tips that will help you effectively utilize your storage space –

  • Packing properly can save you a lot of trouble. Pack the boxes tightly as it will ensure that the contents do not move. To do this, it is advisable to use bubble wrap or soft clothes.
  • Always ensure that the packed boxes are taped properly so that they do not give way owing to the weight.
  • To ensure double safety of your belongings, it is extremely important to secure the belongings, especially the fragile items with extra cushioning. For this, you may use foam or old clothes to fill in the gaps.
  • Water and dampness can damage your belongings beyond repair. In order to ensure that water does not damage the boxes or your belongings, it is advisable not to keep them directly on the floor. Keep them on pallets in order to prevent them from getting in direct contact with moisture.
  • Although most of the self storage facilities offer complete security, it is advisable to buy additional insurance for your belongings. Insurance will protect you from any financial strain in case there is any natural disaster or thefts.
  • When choosing a storage facility, it is important to always consider a climate controlled storage unit in Bronx. There are various items such as antiques, wine and liquor, books, art pieces, or musical instruments that can be damaged beyond repair if not stored in favorable temperatures.
Self storage has become the need of the hour. With our increasing disposable incomes and advancements in home décor and technology, it has allowed us to procure more and more belongings. However, with limited space, it has become mandatory for homeowners and commercial houses to keep their additional, yet important belongings in a safe storage place where they can access them anytime they like. Keep these tips in mind and select the best NY storage unit to keep your belongings safe and secure.


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