Wednesday, 26 March 2014

4S of Self Storage – What to Look in a Storage Unit

Changing lifestyles and improvements in home décor have resulted in the requirement for additional space for nearly all of us. Whether you are a homemaker or the owner of a commercial establishment, there has been a constant requirement for additional space to accommodate our additional belongings. To accommodate this demand, we constantly see storage units coming up every now and then. So if you too are finding it difficult to store your belongings with you and considering a Bronx self storage facility, here are the 4S or a few important things that you should look in a storage space before making a commitment –

Security – Your belongings do not come cheap. In addition, they have some utility and value. This is the reason why you are planning to store them instead of chucking them. Therefore, when it comes to storing your belongings, you must never compromise their security. Look into everything that might jeopardize the security of your belongings. Check alarms and surveillance cameras, as well as, other security arrangements such as night patrols, guarded entrance and a well maintained visitor book to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Safety – Once you have got the green nod in terms of security, it is critical that you must ensure the safety of your belongings. Ask the storage services providers about the various steps taken for pest and insect control. In addition, look for signs that suggest that the storage unit could be infested. Whenever possible, opt for a climate controlled unit and check if it is actually climate controlled.

Service – Always look out for various other special services or additional benefits provided by the storage units. For instance, if the storage unit allows a 24-hour access or allows someone on your behalf to have access to your unit could be an added benefit. Keep a track of the additional services provided by the storage provider as they make your storage experience smooth.

Size – Size of the storage space is another important consideration and you need to ensure that you pay only as per your requirements. A lot of storage service providers would try to sell more space to you but who will have to ensure that you get a storage space as per your requirements.

Self storage has become a need of the hour for all of us. Invest good time in research and find the best storage unit for your belongings.


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