Friday, 2 May 2014

Storing Antique Cars

Owning an antique car is the dream of nearly all of us. However, antique cars require extreme care and maintenance to keep them running. So, if you own a classic car and plan to store it, below are some important tips that you should keep in mind when storing it –

  • Remove the residual oil in the oil filter and replace it with new oil.
  • Fill the gas tank as an empty gas tank will lead to rusting of the inner walls.
  • Check the fluids and see if there is no corrosion. There is corrosion when there is a slight change in the color of the fluid. Remove the fluid and replace it with new one.
  • Check the tires and ensure that they have sufficient air pressure.
  • Wash your car, dry it of the water and apply a coating of wax or polish as this will protect the metallic body from getting rusted.
  • Clean the interiors and close the openings to ensure that your car does not become a home for rodents and pests.
Cars are expensive and very close to our hearts. It is therefore advisable to store your car in vehicle storage. Storing your car in good vehicle storage unit in New York will ensure that your car remains in perfect condition and you do not have to waste more money on repairs.


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