Saturday, 21 June 2014

Celebrity Cars Found in Storage Units

Storage units are considered to be the secret hiding place for many unique and expensive items. Time and again, there have been findings that have surprised everyone. Expensive celebrity cars are such examples with many found hidden in storage units across the country.

In 2012 celebrity chef Guy Fieri’s stolen $200,000 yellow Lamborghini was found in a storage unit. The car was stolen from San Francisco car dealership and kept at Point Richmond storage unit. The car was stolen in 2011 by a 17 year old boy and was found a year later.

Another incident involving expensive cars found in storage units was a case dating back to 2009, when a 1937 Bugatti 57S was exposed in an English storage garage. The car is believed to be there for over half a century. The estimated cost of the car is expected to around $9 million. Owned by a surgeon named Harold Carr, the 1950’s buy was recovered by his nephew after his death in 2007.

So, if you are a rare car collector or just looking for car storage in New York, you can be sure that you can keep it there to be used regularly or recovered as a surprise.


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